Introducing sleepbzzz
The world's most comfortable headphones designed for bedtime!
Thin & Padded Noise Isolating Speakers For All-Night Comfort & Relaxation
Comfortably Enjoy Your Favorite Sleep Sounds, Podcasts, ASMR & More
Block out Light & Fall Asleep Faster
Over 3 Nights Of Use From One Charge
Bluetooth Speakers With 33 FT of Range
100% Machine washable
Our original model... a comfortable headband with built-in thin speakers!
Sleep Better
Sleepbzzz Pro
Our most popular model.. A full face blackout sleep mask with built-in bluetooth headphones.
Sleep Better

I use my headphones for sleeping, but they are also great for my meditation sessions & when I go for my walks. They are so comfortable that I forget that I even have them on!

  • My husband snores so loud that I was thinking we might have to have separate bedrooms lol, but the sleepbzzz helps me fall asleep by listening to soft music and not his snoring.

    Daisy Feron.
  • I am very light sensitive but the SleepBzzz pro is amazing. It blocks out enough light to get me to sleep & the music helps a lot.

    Ted Santiago.
  • My neighbors dog will erupt in barking at all hours of the night. However, these amazing noise canceling headphones block out the barks so I can get a good night's sleep.

    Brad Peay.
  • The sleepbzzz is great, Hardly any light gets through and the sound quality is great. This is just what I needed!!

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